a little about sketchbooks (a year in review)

I was sitting in the kitchen this evening, talking with my sister while flipping through my current sketchbook. It only has three blank pages left, so it's pretty well finished. I looked at every page, and started remembering (out loud, bless my sister) when I drew things and why I drew things and what was happening around the time the drawings came about. Reminiscing like a crazy. But it was incredible! Some people have photo albums, you know?
My sketchbook is a collection of organized lines that bookmark thoughts I was having at a certain time. The pictures don't have to do anything with anything, but I still can remember what I was thinking then.

This might just be another developing argument for keeping a sketchbook and putting something into it every day. Sometimes it's drawing the cup on the table again, or sometimes it's writing the name of a song down. There's a lot to be said about improving drawing skills through daily life drawing, but even when I don't feel motivated enough to tackle some minuscule visual concept, something about throwing some more lines on a page makes me feel better, like I'm tabbing my place.