(They're playing Bruce Springsteen at the café; it reminds me of being six.)

Today was kind of an up and down sort of day. I mention this mostly because it's ending quite nicely, thanks to a conference call with my sister and bro (the next two eldest after me) and then another phone call with one of my younger sisters. These guys are great. I need to talk to them more; they're all smart and funny and we like a lot of the same things without even knowing it. They're all into nerdy stuff without being too weird about it (the first conversation was Star Wars/Star Trek/Thor themed). My younger sister has just read Huck Finn* and gave me her analysis of it and it was wonderful.

I finished up this while talking with those guys:

Another DQ piece! This one feels a lot different than the first two, but I kept the same sort of "guideline": try new Painter media!

Here are some patterns from the Daily Pattern project:

Easter egg

treasure hunt

There are tons more by myself and a few artists I really look up to on the Paper Bicycle blog.

*favorite book ever