Bunch of art

I haven't seen any of the latest season of Doctor Who but I'm cool with Matt Smith.doctoreleven
If I make another, it will probably be the ninth doctor; he's my favorite.

And some patterns!
The top one is another memory lane piece. When the topic "backyard" came up I thought of my family's backyard when my sister and I were little. If it was nice enough to play outside, my parents were in favor of us playing outside. The best, most frequently played thing was make-believe.We reigned supreme over the yard, saving hundreds of worlds, finding all of the magic crystals, preventing so many invasions you wouldn't even believe. We had airplanes and high-tech communication devices.
The things in the pattern just helped make that more fun. My parents built us a playhouse (we helped), our uncle built us the merry-go-round and my family had a giant garden.