The Thing You Love

Valentine's Day is wonderful.


The internet has informed me that it is a fairly controversial holiday, but if you consider it a holiday to celebrate the people you love or celebrating people in love, it's a marvelous thing*. Take it another step and celebrate people that love.

Whether or not you're attached, I sincerely hope you have at least one of these people in your life. If you yourself are one of them you probably do–they tend to flock. I mean somebody who really cares about something. It isn't limited to any particular thing–cooking, painting, medicine, family, music, math, people, animals, business, culture, exploring, writing–the list is limitless. It doesn't even matter what it is! These people make the world a better place by existing. They love something and it is incredibly attractive. A lot of times, as mentioned, they find people to be around that care about things too, and then you've got yourself a whole roomful of passionate people and the results are almost like magic.

The actual making or doing or caring about something doesn't always feel like magic. The excessively-used phrase is "blood, sweat and tears", and not without reason. But as life would have it, this makes these people that love even more attractive; this is the metaphorical knight-fighting-a-dragon-in-a-burning-castle-to-save-his-princess.
I may be romanticizing things there as well, but remember, I like Valentine's Day.

*Red and pink look really good together, especially on desserts.