Frenchie Bistro of Vyk'Tornaahl

Back in January, when the Light Grey gang got together to plan its upcoming shows, there were two that I was especially excited about. The first was In Place, and the second was named "Rolemodels". The premise was a combination of our favorite artists + fantasy role-playing games. Happily, this week Rolemodels opens at Light Grey Art Lab!

The Light Grey blog does a wonderfully thorough job of describing the whole project (which includes an incredible card game that is available for purchase and play).
Frenchie Bistro is my gamer tag (if I can call it that; I don't play many games and the ones that I do are pretty...well, they're a combination of Phoenix Wright and smattering of free iPhone games.) I didn't make it up myself–I think Chris thought it up–but I like it and I use it for everything, including playing D&D with the Light Grey team.
The opening for the show is this Friday, and it's also a costume party! If you're in the area, you're invited! We're all dressing up as our characters (or at least, as our characters' classes). I've been working on a few pieces for my getup. Of course, this costume would be incomplete without my animal familiar :)