Spirited Away

My favorite Studio Ghibli film is Spirited Away. It's difficult to choose, because I like a lot of them, and mainly for the same reason. A good chunk of their films have a comfortable, cozy-fantasy feel that makes them really rewatch-able. They're generally optimistic and upbeat and leave me in a better mood than when I started watching. It may not be something a person wants in all of their entertainment, but I like it in a lot of mine. Plus, the quality of the animation is really spectacular. spiritedawaysketch_francescabuchko This piece was for Marisa Seguin's Ghibli Swap over at Ten Paces & Draw. The sketch I illustrated was created by Julianna Brion.

Claire & Charlie

Another piece of unofficial Lost fanart. I made a sketch of Charlie & Claire that I really liked and thought it might be cool to add a different piece of island color as a backdrop. illustration_charlieandclaire_francescabuchko You know, there are some shots of the island where you think "wow. It's actually really beautiful." I'm kind of a tropical paradise cynic. In most cases I think the U.S.'s northern coastlines are more lovely; the steely grey ocean and rocky seaside cliff feel. That show plus this year's Paper Bicycle trip to Santa Monica is helping me rethink sunsets on the beach.

Last year's remnants

I finished that white sketchbook on New Year's Eve! Two years in a row, finishing sketchbooks minutes before midnight, and I don't even care for New Year. Big New Year cynic. Maybe this is a pattern for improvement.
Here's some sketches from the last of that sketchbook. The lower half are characters I made up, the upper half is mostly One Piece, plus a Merida (Brave. Drawing her is incredibly fun). Random bits. That mermaid sketch is the precursor to a painting I made for my friend.

So what's on the plate now? I signed up for the Sketchbook Project. I'll post photos of that later. I've got to do some serious documenting for this sketchbook, since I'll be relinquishing to the mercy of a traveling sketchbook library and probably won't see it again.