Welcome here.

An appropriate first (official) blog illustration:


A new space. It's funny how we sort of take up residence on the internet. I'm still breaking this site in, but I don't expect things to change too much.

I made this illustration for a show and then ended up not showing it. The other pieces intended to be displayed with it never were finished and I put something else in the show. 


Portal 2

I love this game. I love it enough to draw things from it. Portal is the first regular-old non-DS game I've ever beaten–that probably creates all kinds of bias right there, but consider this: it's the only regular-old non-DS game I've wanted to beat, and then was compelled to immediately start the next installment. Please make more, Valve.


Minneapolis deadlines

I'm working on a few city-related projects whose deadlines are fast approaching. Last night I pulled out the paints and ink and a few pieces and sat down to work. Computers are wonderful things, and they are excellent tools for making art. Still, after a few minutes into actually painting, with actual paint, I can't help but feel one medium is superior to another.