New Bike

biking_francesca I’ve been waiting to post this for awhile! A month or so ago, my bike was stolen. I loved my bike. It was my transportation, recreation, and source of joy, so I was pretty devastated. And times have been tough (student loans) so it was going to be difficult to get new one, at least right away. And then my amazing incredible friends pitched in and surprised me with enough money to get a new one. I can’t thank them enough, and I love this new bike even more than the stolen one (which is saying something!) This illustration is for them. Also for the curious (and most definitely for my friends and benefactors), here's a picture of my new bike. Rides like a dream. I had a chance to go on a forty minute bike ride yesterday and it was pure heaven. Bike

Last year's remnants

I finished that white sketchbook on New Year's Eve! Two years in a row, finishing sketchbooks minutes before midnight, and I don't even care for New Year. Big New Year cynic. Maybe this is a pattern for improvement.
Here's some sketches from the last of that sketchbook. The lower half are characters I made up, the upper half is mostly One Piece, plus a Merida (Brave. Drawing her is incredibly fun). Random bits. That mermaid sketch is the precursor to a painting I made for my friend.

So what's on the plate now? I signed up for the Sketchbook Project. I'll post photos of that later. I've got to do some serious documenting for this sketchbook, since I'll be relinquishing to the mercy of a traveling sketchbook library and probably won't see it again.

One Tiny Dragon

The two drink umbrellas are the extent of drawing-from-life squeezed into this sketchpage. Otherwise, there's all kinds of characters and two fanart-y characters right in the middle: Jon Snow and Arya Stark.

I like it when reading a certain book or being in a certain place results in the creation of a specific image.