Board Game Geek is a website dedicated to board games and board game culture. It has one of the most complete catalogs of board games, from small, independently published card games to big box licensed games.

I visit the site from time to time to read summaries and ratings of board games before making a commitment to buying or playing a game. It’s a great resource, though it can be frustrating to navigate. I wanted to try redesigning Board Game Geek into a boardgame-newcomer-friendly mobile app by focusing on key features, like the boardgame “encyclopedia”.


To design an interactive board game app that is friendly to new board game fans while also serving longtime board game fanatics.


• Research and development

• Wireframes

• User interface design

• Identity design


A preliminary design for a Board Game Geek app, complete with branding, that can be used in presentations and to springboard further design research and development.



Game Profile.png

UI Design

board game geek phone 1.png
board game geek phone 4.png
board game geek phone 2.png
board game geek phone 5.png
board game geek phone 3.png



Along with the app, I created a new logo for Board Game Geek.

I moved away from the specific character– a nerdy white cartoon person–to something more iconic and inclusive.

board game geek logo-02-01sq.jpg
concept sketches for rebranding Board Game Geek

concept sketches for rebranding Board Game Geek

board game geek logo-03-01-01.png