Flockjay creates and teaches educational programming for sales in tech. The company is located in San Francisco and does most of their teaching through online course materials and video chats.

I worked with Flockjay to create new style guides of illustrations and graphics to use on their educational materials, online and physical advertising, and illustrative branding.


To create illustrations, graphics, and icons to be used across UI design, course materials, marketing, and general visual branding that keeps Flockjay’s tone of fun and professional.


• Research and development

• Illustration

• Graphic Design

• UI Design


Pages of graphics and illustrations that led to creating a whole branded world of Flockjay birds. Flockjay was happy with my work, and it resulted in working on another, more specifically UI job with them.


UI / Design

flockjay computer screen 1.png
flockjay computer screen 2.png


Flockjay has a professional-yet-fun brand that welcomes new ideas. Because of this, and because their identity revolves around birds, I had a great time creating tons of illustrations and graphics that play on “birds of a feather”.

flock of birds with clouds copy.png
rocket illo-01.png
Flockjay badges-01.png