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Rosetop Pins

For my first pin design, I decided on a hightop shoe—hightops are great and I like the idea of an enamel pin of another bright, collectable, article of fashion—and roses, one of my favorite flowers.

The backercard was also really fun to design, playing with the floral elements in the pin design but setting them back to let the pin sparkle.

rosetop pin 2.jpg

j+k pin post 1.jpg
j+k pin post 2.jpg

K+J Sword and Floral Pin

Collaboration with Justin Oaksford

This pin was commissioned by my good friends to be given as wedding gift to their guests and friends in attendance.

The pins came out so well that we collectively decided to print extra to sell and donate 100% of the proceeds to Reclaim,a Minnesota-local organization that supports, cares, and provides accessible mental health for queer and trans youth.

j+k crown complete-01.png

stickers 2.jpg


Stickers might be my favorite thing to design. I love stickers! I love seeing stickers all over my neighborhood on electric poles and sign posts. It always reminds me that stickers can be a statement, and they can be about anything.

stickers 4.png
stickers 3.jpg

postcard 2.jpg


A lot of my personal illustration work is postcard design. I like creating soothing, peaceful images that let people live in the illustrations for a little while.

Postcards are great because you can send that soothing image to somebody and share it. Not to mention they’re easy to collect and store.

postcards 1.jpg